Professional Membership Program

Factory Direct Hardware Professional Membership Program

alt    Factory Direct Hardware is proud to offer our Building Professionals Department (BPD) to help you with your larger projects. Whether you're restoring an entire house or building, designing and constructing a new home or building, or simply undertaking any larger project which requires hardware, our BPD department is at your disposal. Our projects have included historic buildings and homes, hotels, military bases and apartment complex's. Using the experience gained from these projects we can offer unmatched service and assistance for virtually any job.

Here are just some of the services we offer to assist you with your project:

  • We will meet with architects, designers, contractors and their clients to go over your blueprints and plans, from which we will compile a detailed list covering all of your hardware requirements. This may include Door Hardware, Bathroom Hardware and Fixtures to name a few. From your plans we will insure proper handing, sizing, and function across the entire project eliminating costly delays during construction.
  • Our BPD department will work with you to match existing pieces to restore your building's hardware details to their original state while still maintaining modern code requirements, functionality, and security. We will reproduce new pieces based on your originals, design pieces to match, or choose from one of our many existing historically accurate reproductions.
  • As a distributor of most major hardware lines, our BPD department will provide several options to insure projects stay within budget. Having hundreds of hardware lines at our disposal allows us to offer appropriate choices for your project while not exceeding your cost requirements.
  • Whether your job is local or in another part of the country, members of our staff can visit your job site. We can be there to walk the job, do a detailed hardware take-off, or lend our assistance with installation or function issues.
  • With 32 years of experience, Factory Direct Hardware can tackle simple to complex design requirements. Our BPD department will work with you from the beginning stages of a job until its completion, assisting at each step to make your project a success. Let our staff handle your hardware management and delivery needs. If you have a job you'd like us to bid or a project you're ready to spec, our BPD department is available to provide the resources you require. Email our BPD department directly by filling out the form below or call us at 804-368-1040 and ask to speak with the BPD department.


Hardware sourcing for a project? See how we can be your essential resource for Commercial and Residential Hardware. We will partner with you on your projects, from large to small, bringing with us over 32 years of hardware experience. You can trust that the job will be accurately bid on and we will make recommendations and suggestions that ensure your budgets and time frames are met, and that your project is a success.

Apply for professional membership by logging into you account or creating an account (Top of any Page) Your account page has a Pro Membership where the membership can be modified or applied for. Membership is not granted until one of our BPD Department Members reviews it. We will contact you within 2 to 5 business days.