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Door knobs can be purchased in a wide assortment of design style and finishes for all types of doors. You can fine-tune your search with the filters to the left. As soon as you select a style of doorknob that suits you, you'll have the option to select from a number of characteristics to match your needs. Not every doorknob style is offered in a keyed function. If you locate a model that suits you without a keyed function available, you may use a passage knob and a deadbolt above it. We also have a great selection of door knob parts. If you ever have any questions, we're here to help. Simply call (855) 368-1040.

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Replacing your door knobs is one of the simplest, easiest upgrades you can make to your home. When you sell a home, you want enhancements which are not too costly, but will provide your house with a more modern feel. By upgrading your outdated, worn-out knobs to a new popular finish such as Black Door Knobs your home will appear more in line with new properties available on the market making it easier to sell.

We have a great number of customers that are updating older brass knobs with current favorite styles and finishes. It's also important to keep in mind that the initial impression bears a great deal of weight. It's well worth investing a little more on your front entrance to obtain a good quality knob set, lever handles or handle set. The feel of a solid and new door knob on the front door provides people with an impression of quality when first entering your home. Fresh paint and Door Hardware are good updates to make. We've got a wide selection of lower price knobs, solid brass hardware as well as classic locks in numerous styles and finishes to accommodate whatever preference or design you might have in your home. Make sure you check out our bathroom hardware and accessories as well.

Door Knob Functions

There are 4 primary functions designed for certain residential applications. We also supply commercial door knobs, but we'll cover those options for in another article.

Keyed Entry Knob

Typically used on exterior doors or really any door that requires the additional protection of a door lock. These locking door knobs have a keyed cylinder on the exterior and when locked, require the use of a key for entry. From the interior, the door can be locked using a turn button, or push button/pin (depending on the brand). Some keyed entry locks also have a panic release feature where, from the inside, the lock can be deactivated for exit. If a lock does not have this panic release feature, the button must be turned to the unlocked position to disengage the latch mechanism. If you have a number of keyed locks in your project, we can easily key all locks to use the same key.

Privacy Door Knob

Privacy door knobs are typically used on bedrooms and bathrooms for privacy. These door knobs have a locking mechanism, but don't have a keyed cylinder on the outside like an exterior lock. Privacy locks are less secure than keyed entry locks simply because you can pick the lock open using the tool furnished with the lock, or a hairpin or paper clip. This ability to unlock is necessary so you can get access to a room in the event a child locks themselves in or similar circumstances. Like keyed entry locks, privacy knobs have a turn button or push button/pin (depending on the brand) on the inside of the door.

Passage Door Knob

Passage locks do not lock. These are typically utilized on hall doors or closets that don't need to be locked, but still require the usefulness of a functioning door knob on the door. Sometimes passage knobs are utilized on exterior doors where a deadbolt is mounted above.

Dummy Door Knob

Dummy door knobs are usually surface mounted on the door and don't have a latch mechanism of any type. Dummy door knobs are offered individually or in pairs (depending on the brand).