Entry Door Handlesets

Entry door handlesets can definitely enhance your front door and may be obtained in a variety of finishes to match with your other door hardware. Dummy door handles are readily available for French doors where one door is inactive. These door handles are very simple to install if you're the handy sort of individual. Naturally for optimum results, we suggest professional installation. Uncertain which handleset to buy? Check out additional information at the bottom part of the page for popular handleset installations. You can look for handlesets by door thickness, handleset type or by brand.

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Common Handle Set Styles & Features

One Piece Handlesets

Commonly referred to as Monolithic Handlesets, these handlesets consist of a single plate which connects the grip to the deadbolt. Be sure to know what your center-to-center measurement is prior to ordering one of these handlesets.

Two Piece Handle Sets

Commonly referred to as Sectional Handlesets, these handlesets are composed of two sections. The deadbolt and the grip are mounted separately from one another.

Full Plate Handlesets

These handlesets rest on a full plate backing and are considered Full Plate Handlesets. The deadbolt and handle both rest on this full plate.

Electronic Handle Sets

Keypad front entry sets combine the security and convenience of a keypad deadbolt with the elegance of a handleset. These entry sets provide a great first impression and key less convenience.

Single Cylinder Handle Sets

A single cylinder handleset utlizes a key on the exterior and a thumb turn on the interior for locking and unlocking the deadbolt. Single cylinder handlesets are available in Two Piece, Full Plate, One Piece, and Entry Set styles.

Double Cylinder Handle Sets

A double cylinder handleset utlizes a key on both the exterior and interior for locking and unlocking the deadbolt, providing an extra measure of security. Double cylinder handlesets are available in Two Piece, Full Plate, One Piece, and Entry Set styles.

Interconnected Handle Sets

An interconnected lock set includes a built-in device for easy exiting. If the knob/lever is turned from the interior side of the door, the deadbolt will automatically disengage itself.

Entry Set Handle Sets

Entry sets offer the elegance and beauty of a typical handleset but with a knob or lever instead. These come in various functions including keyed entry, passage, privacy, and dummy.