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About Hager Company

It's been more than 160 years since Charles Hager first started working in a blacksmith shop. And in that timespan, we've grown from forging wheel rims for Conestoga wagons to offering more than 6,000 door hardware products. Today, the products created by Hager Companies are found all over the world. And for good reason: they're built to last.

Currently, Hager Companies stands alone as the only provider of a full line of door hardware that is US-based. Our corporate headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri, where our legacy began more than 160 years ago. And our manufacturing plant in Montgomery, Alabama, creates the bulk of our traditional product lines. For us, it's important to support every community around the world, but particularly the community where our story began.

At Hager, we are committed to being your one source for full line door hardware. We stand alone as one family and one brand. We create products that make a difference in one community at a time, while being mindful of the one planet we all share.

Every product that Hager offers -- from locks, door controls, and exit devices to hinges, trim, and sliding door hardware -- is backed by a 160-year legacy of quality, reputation, and excellence.