Deltana Warranty

Deltana Warranty

General Limited Warranties


Deltana products come with a 1-year mechanical warranty that they are free from mechanical defects from date of original purchase when property installed and used for the purpose specified by Deltana. Dellana does not assume any obligation other than replacement or repair of the defective part or parts upon inspection, along with proof of purchase during the warranty period. Deltana does not assume any responsibility for damage caused by accident, misuse, misapplication, temperature or weather conditions, improper storage, abuse, neglect, improper installa­ tion or maintenance. Deltana is also not liable for any labor charges, removal, reinstallation, freight, postage or any damages resulting from any product Deltana is not liable for any damages caused by mis-preparation of hardware caused by print and/or website materials, line drawings and instruction errors.


Dellana's PVD (CR003) finish and stainless steel products are warrantied for 1 year not to tarnish, discolor, flake, peel, pit, or corrode within normal environmental conditions such as dry environments and air-conditioned interiors. In high moisture and/or salty environments these fin­ ishes require maintenance by wiping the product with a dean, damp cloth periodically to remove build-up and sediments from the environment. Neglect of Deltana's recommended maintenance voids product finish warranty.


Deltana door closers come with a 5-year mechanical warranty.


Grade 1 & 2 Commercial Hardware come with a 5-year mechanical and 1-year finish warranty with exception to normal wear and tear.

DELTANA RESIDENTIAL DOOR HARDWARE: Deltana residential hardware comes with a 3-year mechanical and 1-year finish warranty with exception to normal wear and tear. Deltana residential hardware is designed for interior / indoor applications only except for handlesets and deadbolts.