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Superior Value on the Web

Great Pricing

We offer solid, low prices to start with on all of our products. When we run a sale, it's because we're bringing you true savings because we want to share additional discounts that we may receive from our manufacturers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best value for their purchase.

Huge Selection

We have one of the largest selections of products online or off. You can shop factorydirecthardware.com by manufacturer, color, style, application, price, etc. No matter how you shop, we have the products to complete your project.

Product Availability

Currently, we use over 35 warehouses and partner with over 30 vendors all over the country so we can ship an item as fast as possible, even when on backorder. If an item has been sold out or is made-to-order, we often can ship directly from a manufacturer to you to save time. Most of our smaller products (faucets and accessories) can be shipped by expedited methods faster than ground shipping, if time is a factor.

Site Search

Our website is designed to help you find what you need. We're organized by categories and we provide powerful search drill-down tools to narrow your search by almost any parameter. We're constantly upgrading our search tools to provide the most relevant results. If you cannot locate your item online, we provide a human touch - our specialists can find products based on your needs, make suggestions, or answer any questions in order to help you get the right item.

Customer Service

We host our own in-house call center with a trained staff to answer any technical questions you might have as well as take your order and address any service requests. Our product specialists have been trained by all of our different manufacturers to understand the products we sell. Factorydirecthardware.com provides the help you need by phone, e-mail, fax, online live chat or written inquiry. If we don't have the immediate answer to your question, we will find it...direct from the manufacturer, if necessary, to solve your problem. Service begins with the order, and continues through order completion, and beyond.

Factorydirecthardware.com partners with a third-party website that offers customers reviews and ratings for web merchants. All customers have the opportunity to review and give feedback on their shopping experience and order fulfillment. Reviews and responses are addressed daily by call specialists and management to ensure that we are providing the very best in customer service.

Website Security

We provide a secure checkout, encrypted payment information, protected privacy, screened employees, post-order fraud assessment, hacker tests, and more, to make factorydirecthardware.com the safest place to shop on the web.

After the transaction, we re-encrypt your sensitive information so it isn't lingering around.

Our systems have been certified to adhere to the highest industry standards:

VISA CRISP (Cardholder information security program) and the more stringent SANS Institute (Sysadmin, Audit, Network, Security) certifications.

After an order is received, it is checked and assessed for fraud risk. "Risky" sales are flagged and held, pending a LIVE person checking with you to ensure that your sale is valid and can proceed. Once we have your verification that the information is correct, the flagged order is released and resumed.