Hager Door Closers

Hager Door Closers & Door Controls


Hager Companies offers a comprehensive line of door control products designed and manufactured to meet a wide range of applications and uses. From humble beginnings in 1849 as a forger of wheel rims and hardware for Conestoga wagons, today Hager offers surface mounted and commercial grade closers, electromagnetic holders and overhead door holders and stops in our door controls product line. Hager door closers provide architects, contractors, and building owners a superior product with proven reliability. That makes them a no-risk choice for virtually any building type. Because these heavy duty, Grade 1 door closers are ideal for schools, hospitals, and other high use environments they have been installed in these locations all over the globe. 

With Hager, you get a door closer that’s packaged with everything needed for quick installation, regardless of the application. Hager door closers are tri-packed for mounting three ways: parallel arm, regular arm, and top jamb. They are non-handed, packaged with a parallel arm bracket, self-drilling screws and thru-bolts at no extra charge, and adjustable for various door sizes.